Experiential Marketing: Activate with Drones

Droneheadz – Sydney’s Go-To for Experiential Marketing

Droneheadz in Sydney works with experiential marketing agencies using our custom build Drones to attract eyeballs to your clients brand or product. This is a new and exciting way to get your brand name out to potential customers.

Drones get attention.
They provide the WOW factor.

We can completely customise Drones and installations to work for your brand or product, the possibilities are endless.
Effective when used either as part of, or for image capture of an activation or event.

We work with PR & marketing agencies to create or capture effective activations that push the boundaries.

When you’re looking for an idea that’s going to excite your client, Droneheadz can help conceptualise, R&D, build and activate experiential marketing campaigns in Sydney.
Take a look at some of our previous campaigns below.

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Think this new and exciting way of marketing is something you want to be a part of? It is an awesome and fun way to get your brand name out there and put your business on the map, and the innovative way you do it will stick in the minds of clients guaranteed.

If you would like to learn more about our experiential marketing services, feel free to get in touch with the expert team at Droneheadz.
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